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Excellence in Education

2010 Adjunct Excelence in Education Winner, Dianne Juby.

Dianne has taught online and seated courses with OTC since the spring of 2001. At OTC she has taught philosophy and humanities online for OTC. In the past, she's taught courses in composition, autobiographical writing, women's studies, and the rhetoric of science.

Dianne is actively involved in the online courses she teaches. Information is available to students in a timely manner, and her participation in discussions is a model for other online instructors. With her approachable nature, she is perceptive of questions students may have, from the minor question of how to address an instructor to the more complex questions of religions. Her effective management of relevant, sensitive issues in discussion is noteworthy.

Dianne holds high expectations for students to take their work seriously and do their best, which is matched by her dedication to her work as an online instructor and as a student. A former student of Dianne's states: "I found the instructor’s constructive feedback on individual assignments the most effective because it gave me more guidance and understanding that allowed me to improve on future assignments."

She designs a well-organized course site that applies cognitive strategies and includes up-to-date and relevant assignments. Furthermore, she creates a collaborative environment in her online classes through her use of student teams. Higher-order thinking  is addressed as students are assigned to discuss credibility and bias in source information. Finally, her humor is pleasant and creates a positive atmosphere in her classes and with colleagues.

Dianne Juby is a dedicated online instructor, who actively participates in professional development opportunities available through OTC Online. She is engaged in learning instructional strategies available through Innovation Showcases and online workshops.

ASRI Education

2010 Blackboard Catalyst Awards

The Blackboard Catalyst Awards for Exemplary Course Design recognize faculty across the world who develop innovative courses that represent the best in e-Learning. We're proud that members of OTC Online's faculty have achieved this distinguished honor.