OTC Richwood Valley to offer new hybrid courses

OTC Richwood Valley to offer new hybrid courses

Thursday, March 22, 2012

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Ozarks Technical Community College will offer a new opportunity for students at the OTC Richwood Valley Campus beginning in the fall of 2012:  hybrid courses, a combination of online and traditional classroom learning. 

Hybrid courses are typically divided into 50% classroom work and 50% online interaction.  Students taking hybrid classes at OTC Richwood Valley will participate in on-campus instruction on Fridays, while staying connected with their instructors and fellow students through discussion forums, email and virtual meeting rooms throughout the week.

“Hybrid courses effectively combine the flexible schedule of online courses with the face-to-face interaction of the seated classroom experience,” explained Interim College Director of OTC Online Matt Harris.  “Students will be able to complete a full-time schedule of hybrid courses every Friday at the OTC Richwood Valley Campus.  This a great option for someone wanting the traditional classroom environment while maintaining a full-time or part-time job the rest of the week.”

The fall 2012 schedule will be different for students taking seated classes at OTC Richwood Valley, as the campus will dedicate Fridays to the hybrid courses.  Seated classes will be held to a Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday schedule so that all hybrid courses can have classroom instruction on the same day.

“Reducing the on-campus time to a single day will allow students in the hybrid courses to maintain their work, family and other obligations throughout the week, as well as to reduce their transportation costs,” said Dr. Jeff Jochems, president of the OTC Richwood Valley Campus.  “At the same time, it provides a balance for those students who benefit from in-person time with their instructor and collaboration with their classmates.”