Leadership Certificate Program

WDB 720 Leadership Certificate Program

Leaders' key responsibilities involve supervising and working with people to improve processes and efficiencies. Today's leaders must be able to work with managers in the organization. In today's business environment a leader needs to be trained in a variety of functional areas to interact with virtually all facets of the organization. Our leadership Certificate Program can help improve leaders professional development and enhance their leadership and organizational effectiveness.

Course length: 28 hours                               Cost: $569

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Course Information Cr Hrs
Lean Six Sigma Overview (12 hrs)

This course is designed to provide an overview of both Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma. Principles, tools, and techniques will be discussed. A simple project will be used to demonstrate the principles and to apply the knowledge gained. These two concepts address major cost issues to the industry; variation and waste.

Dates Times Location
Apr 16-17; WTH 8-2:00pm TBA

Business Communication and Writing (4 hrs)

Good relations among members of a business are critical for success. Good business communication skills, both written and verbal, are important elements for a leader to have for the development of good relationships. Poor communications starve a relationship while good communications nourish it. This is true regardless of whether you are a member of committee looking at starting a business or a member of a team operating a business. Our course will help to improve a leader's communication skills, which are important for success.

Dates Times Location
Apr 1; W 6-10pm TBA

Setting Expectations and Developing Employees (4 hrs)

This module teaches leaders the value and necessity of clear and attainable expectations and how they relate to the employee, the leader, and the organization. Most leaders do not recognize the importance or the benefits received from coaching employees. This module addresses coaching employees to be successful in all aspects of their job. It also addresses how and when to coach and the techniques needed to redirect work habits, address performance issues, and change behaviors. This section is interactive and stresses the importance of documentation.

Dates Times Location
Mar 4; W 6-10pm TBA

Identifying and Resolving Conflict (4 hrs)

The emphasis for this module is to provide leaders with the knowledge to be proactive and to recognize potential conflict before they escalate. The approach used is to teach leaders to understand the personality preferences of their employees and to observe their actions and reactions for possible variances from normal behavior. This provides the leader the knowledge when to intervene and what approach is best for the individuals involved.

Date Times Location
Feb 04; W 6-10pm TBA

Effective Communication (4 hrs)

This course will explain Carl Jung's Theory of Psychological Type and make it understandable and useful in everyday life. After years of research and development, this theory is the most widely used tool for understanding normal differences in personalities and the way individuals and teams communicate, take in information, make decisions, and deal with their external environment. The information enhances understanding of yourself, others your motivations, your natural strengths, and your potential areas for growth. This knowledge is the cornerstone for a well-developed communication model, which is essential for every successful organization.

Dates Times Location
Jan 07; W 6-10pm TBA