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Missouri taxpayers can claim an individual income tax deduction for the cost of a home energy audit and the cost of implementing energy-efficiency recommendations contained in an energy audit, according to Mo. Department of Natural Resources fact sheet PUB2292.  To avoid abuse, DNR is requiring home energy auditors to be BPI (Building Performance Institute) certified.  To assist, OTC's Center for Workforce Development is offering training classes to assist getting folks employed in these growing fields.

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Building Performance Institute Certifications

Course Information Cr Hrs
BPI Building Analyst Certification (Home Energy Auditor)

This specialized, comprehensive WIA approved BPI Energy Auditor class will train individuals to evaluate and improve energy efficiency, comfort, indoor air quality, and durability of homes. Learn how to use specialized tools for building analysis, including blower doors, combustion analyzers, combustible gas leak detectors, and pressure pans.

BPI Energy Auditor Certification is achieved for successful completers.

 Course  Dates & Times
 WDG 804  Call for dates and times; 417-447-8901

BPI Envelope Professional Certification

This certification builds on the BPI Building Analyst (Home Energy Auditor) Certification, and teaches advanced building shell and duct leakage assessment techniques.  Pre-requisites: The class includes a review of Building Analyst concepts and students must have BPI Building Analyst Certification (Home Auditor) to take this class.

Class qualifies for 6 BPI CEUs.

 Course  Dates & Times
 WDG 806  Call for dates and times; 417-447-8888