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Creating a Service Culture: The Service Leader's Role

Many service initiatives are built upon "a fix" - a three-month or one-year initiative to make the organization customer-service focused. But creating a service culture is not a one-time, skills-training event. It's an ongoing organizational commitment driven by effective service leaders. Once the strategic focus is defined, service leaders need to know exactly how to make the service vision a reality. This course helps leaders identify barriers to service excellence and provides them with five leader practices to create a service culture. Learners will participate in focused discussions, use analysis tools, and create an action plan.

Course Dates Times Location Price
WDB 775 Feb 25; W 1-5pm CWD $129
WDB 775 Apr 15; W 1-5pm CWD $129

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Taking the HEAT

Organizations need to provide superior customer service in order to build customer loyalty and stay ahead of competition. Service providers, quite often, know how to have a friendly, positive customer interaction but lack the skills to handle an interaction that takes a turn for the worse. This course equips learner with important skill sets using the HEAT model. Principles learned will help learners provide high-quality customer service. Interactive and hands-on exercises will help explore and refine skills to help service providers turn dissatisfied, upset customers into satisfied, loyal ones.

Course Dates Times Location Price
WDB 744 Mar 19; Th 1-5pm CWD $129
WDB 744 Apr 23; Th 1-5pm CWD $129

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Customer Service

Get high impact skills and strategies that result in improvements in service. Learn stress and time management, interviewing skills, telephone etiquette and basic customer relations principles and strategies. Book required.

Course Dates Times Location Price
WDB 273 Mar 23; T 8:30-3:30pm GRF 125 $59

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