Jewelry & Photography

Jewlery Making

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Silversmithing ILearn to create jewelry using this process. Topics include safety, design, cutting, shaping, soldering, piercing, bezel setting of stones and how to set up your own home studio. Work with copper, brass,silver and cobochon stones. Be sure to ask for a supply list at!  

Course Dates Times Location Price
CEL 428 Aug 14-Oct 16; Th 6-8pm CEC $159


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Silversmithing II

Students will be able to learn techniques that require the basic skills learned in Silversmithing. Emphasis will be on dimensional work, advanced soldering, stone setting and construction.

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CEL 434 Oct 23-Nov 20; Th 6-8:00pm CEC $89

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Fundamentals of Photography

Learn to control exposures through use of shutter-speeds, aperture, controls and ISO settings. Topics covered include: light, flash, depth of field and action. Bring your camera, instruction manual and samples of your work. Single-lens-reflex (SLR) digital and 35mm cameras only.

Course Dates Times Location Cost
CEL 313 Sep 02-Oct 28; T 6-8pm Springfield $99

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Troubleshooting Photography

Become a better photographer with tips, techniques and getting to know your camera. Reviews ISO, F-Stop, Shutter Speed, information about lens and more frequently asked questions.

Course Dates Times Location Price
CEL 315 Nov 15; S 8:30-12:30pm Springfield $45


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Photoshop - Level 1

This image editing software offers an impressive array of tools for correcting and altering digital images. Create and save files, correct images, create and manipulate layers and fix or retouch photos.

Course Dates Times Location Price
WDC 291 Sep 6; S 8:30-3:30pm GRF 125 $99

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Photoshop - Level 2

Learn to add and manipulate text, add color and use spot altering.

Course Dates Times Location Price
WDC 378 Aug 06; W 8:30-3:30pm GRF 125 $99
WDC 378 Sep 13; S 8:30-3:30 pm GRF 125 $99


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Photoshop - Level 3

Look through an array of filters and use Photoshop as an art tool.

Course Dates Times Location Price
WDC 501 Sep 20; S 8:30-3:30pm GRF 125 $99


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Photoshop Elements 9 for the Digital Photographer

Bring out the best in your images! Whether you're making quick fixes or detailed enhancements, Adobe's Photoshop Elements 9 provides the tools you need to achieve high-quality results. If you're a novice with no photo-editing experience or you want to upgrade skills you learned in an earlier version of Elements, this course is for you.

As you master this popular software, you'll learn to edit images on your computer, correct flaws, enhance your final product, create simple art projects, prepare images for email and the Web, and organize your images so you can keep track of them. It's fun and easy, and you'll see how Photoshop Elements 9 gives you room to grow while letting you achieve high-quality results right away.

So bring your photography skills into the digital age and get ready to unlock the mysteries of Photoshop Elements 9. The hands-on, easy-to-follow exercises in this course will help you turn your photos into masterpieces and leave you with a great feeling of accomplishment!

This is an online class. Classes start monthly; go to for more information!