Tuition & Fees

Truck Driver Training Tuition & Fees

The CDL entry level Truck Driver Training Program cost is $3,500 for both the day and evening programs. This is an all-inclusive price covering tuition, verification of employability, permit, license and an optional HazMat endorsement which is encouraged to significantly increase employability.

Prospective students are encouraged to register for classes early as each class is limited to 9 students.

There are several options to make attaining Class A CDL training affordable. Below are brief summaries of programs that could potentially help you achieve your goals.

How to Pay for the Truck Driver Training Program

Tuition Assistance Programs - Our registration staff can assist you determine if you qualify for WIA VocRehab, or VA training benefits. Contact us at to get started.

GI-Bill - This program for military veterans provides benefits for CDL training. To help determine your eligibility, contact OTC's Veterans Affairs office at

Vocational Rehabilitation - Either DESE (Department of Elementary and Secondary Education) or VA (Veterans Administration) is available to fund CDL training.

Educational Community Credit Union (ECCU) - A low intrest loan for qualifying students contact us at or 417-447-8901 for more information.

Company Reimbursed Truck Driver Training - As long as you work for a trucking company, most companies will reimburse the students out of pocket costs of training to obtain their CDL. Contact us at to discuss current opportunities for this option.

Tuition Payment Plan - The Transport Training Institute offers an option to schedule tuition fees into two equal payments. All payments must be made before the end of the truck driver training program. Contact us at for more details.

Refund Policy

Before Start of Course

Students may withdraw from class prior to three (3) full business days before the first day of class for a $20 drop fee. Any fees collected (DOT physical, drug screening, background checks, TSA hazardous materials background check, and CDL permit and license fees) are nonrefundable. Students will be liable for costs associated with procurement of the CDL permit or other expenses. Students dropping or withdrawing after the deadline are not eligible for any refund for any reason. Students being removed or expelled from class are not entitled to refunds of any portion of fees or tuition.

After Start of Course

TTI will refund program tuition less the non-refundable fees listed below. Cancellation requests received once the scheduled class has started will be pro-rated based on the student’s time in class. No refunds permitted after the 5th day of class.

The following fees are non-refundable:

  • DOT physical
  • Drug screening
  • Background checks
  • TSA hazardous materials background check
  • CDL permit and license fees

If the student has been absent or has tardiness in excess of 10% (2 days or more) in the course of the program, the student will be dropped from the CDL program and does not qualify for refunds per TTI refund policy.

Refunds for the PTDI manual will be considered if returned prior to the last business day before the start of class. Books must be in new condition, unopened, with no marks or damage.

All refunds are processed through the OTC Finance Office. No cash refunds are allowed. Please allow 2-3 weeks for your refund request to be processed.