Course Required Independent Study

Independent Study Program (ISP) for Entry Level Driver Training

Independent Study Goal:
To ensure the student is equipped with the basic knowledge to operate a combination vehicle and they are ready to face the challenges of a fast paced and changing industry. 

Independent Study Objectives:
Students will complete the Independent study by the completion of this CDL training course. The independent study is over and above the CDL training course dates and times listed on the OTC website, Any remaining hours to be completed during the course.

The independent study allows TTI the time to meet individual driving time required by TTI's certifying agency during the actual CDL training course.

Students will obtain their Class "A" Commercial Permit License (CPL) through this independent study program prior to the start of the course outlined in the "Admissions Procedures for TTI CDL Training Courses".

Subjects will be taken from the following source material; Delmar's 4th Edition Tractor Trailer Truck Driver Training Manual, Federal Motor Carriers Safety Regulations, and The Missouri Commercial Drivers Manual.

Students are encouraged to pick up the Delmar's Tractor Trailer Truck Driving (4th Edition) training manual as soon as possible from the OTC Center for Workforce Development, 614 N Washington Ave, Springfield, MO 65806. Students are encouraged to start reading the required assignments a.s.a.p.

Students can also pick up a copy of the Missouri Commercial Driver's Manual at any local license branch in the State of Missouri.

Independent Study Outcome:
Students will have gained, by the end of the course, a good foundational knowledge to safely operate a combination vehicle as an entry level driver, obtaining the proper credential; the Class "A" CDL.