Frequently Asked Questions


Question: How long is the training program? 

Answer:  We offer a 16 day seated program with an independent study program that runs concurrently with the 16 day seated program, Monday thru Friday.  The program has 148 total training hours per student; 28.5 hours seated classroom hours, 75.5 independent study hours, and 44 hours behind the wheel (BTW).

Question:  I work but would like to get my CDL. Do you have any options available?

Answer:  Absolutely! Contact us at or 417-447-8901 for more information.

Question: Do you have placement when I finish the course?

Answer:   The carriers that use our students like how we train!  Although we can't guarantee placement, even in this economy, our placement rate is at 100%.  The people who do not get placed are usually waiting for local work, rather than over-the-road opportunities. 

  • It is recommended that you contact carriers before you start the program to see who would best fit your lifestyle.  If you are interested in the companies that have used our graduates, visit our Employer Partners page.


Question:  How do I sign up for the class?

Answer:   The admissions process is started at the OTC Center for Workforce Development, 614 N Washington, Springfield, MO 65806 .  The day you complete your paperwork is when the $115.00 deposit (cash, credit card, or money order, no personal checks) is due.  If you are working with a program that is paying for your training they must verify that this funding can be billed or have made specific arrangements prior to starting the admissions process at CWD. 

As a truck driver training facility we are required to comply with DOT regulations for conducting  drug screens, physicals, background checks and checking the person's Motor Vehicle Report (MVR).  


Question:  How much does the CDL program cost?


  • The total cost of the truck driver training program is $3,500 and is due at least one-week prior to the start of class. A full breakdown of the tuition and fees is included here.
  • A non-refundable deposit $115.00 must be paid before class starts and before tuition is paid. This covers the drug screen, physical, criminal background check and MVR. These pre-admittance requirements are done the same day the deposit is paid. Negative results are usually received the next day as is the MVR and Criminal Background check.


 Question:  Can I drive if I have been convicted of a felony?

Answer:  It depends, time and type of felony are factors considered.  Some felonies will not restrict you from being hired by a trucking company.  Those that can are:

  • Sexual offenses
  • Drug or alcohol

Other offenses that can restrict your placement

  • Serious moving violations - speeding ticket in excess  of 15 miles per hour
  • Drug or alcohol related convictions
  • Multiple speeding tickets within a three-year period

Time factors considered

  • The completion date of the final sentence; at least 5-years old, some employers may want 7-10 years

For additional information contact or 417-447-8901.

Question: I have a Class A CDL but haven't driven in a few years.  Do you have a refresher course?

Answer:   Yes!  If you have been out of trucking for less than 3 years some carriers will consider a refresher course adequate.  We will pre-assess you and help place you in the 40 or 60 hour refresher course.  The pre-assessment gives us the information to determine if we can get the CDL driver back to national CDL testing standards with a refresher course or if the driver needs to complete the 148 hour CDL course. The main reason for this is that hours of service and other driver entry requirements that DOT has implemented have changed drastically in the last few years with more changes expected to come.


Question:  I am 18.  Can I get my CDL?

Answer:  By law you can get your CDL.  However, you cannot cross state lines until you are 21 years of age.