Training Program Overview

Truck Driver Training Program Overview

Unique Training Components

One of the leading causes of turnover in the trucking industry is new drivers aren't prepared for the lifestyle adjustments the job requires. Included in all the training topics covered in our six-week program is a section unique to our program on lifestyle and finance for truck drivers. Our students are prepared with the technical and the personal skills needed to become a successful driver.

Overview of the Truck Driver Training Subjects

  • Pre-trip inspection procedures
  • Safe operation in moving traffic
  • CDL Air brake systems
  • CDL combination vehicles
  • CDL tankers
  • CDL doubles & triples
  • Defenisve driving for truck drivers
  • Maneurverability training on closed driving range
  • Maneuverability training on public rodways and highways
  • Shifting and double-clutching
  • Backing and docking
  • Parallel parking
  • Night driving
  • Cargo documentation
  • Cargo handling and load securement
  • Map reading and trip planning
  • Federal Motor Carriers Safety Regulations
  • US DOT Hours of Service Regulations
  • US DOT Logbook Regulations
  • US DOT Drug & Alcohol Regulations
  • Optional CDL & US DOT Hazardous Materials