Clinical Supervisor Training

Clinical Supervisor Program

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Clinical Supervisor SeminarThis specialized seminar will prepare RNs and LPNs to supervise nurse assistant students during clinical hours/on the job training in long-term care facilities. This program is required and approved by the MO Department of Health & Senior Services. Attendees are placed on the MO State Registry of Qualified Clinical Supervisors.

Requirements: Provide copy of RN or LPN in state of Missouri or temporary permit from the Missouri State Board of Nursing at time of registration, at least one year work experience or currently employed in a long term facility, and a letter of reference from a DON recommending student for class.

Fee includes required materials.

Call 417-447-8888 for information on how to register.

Course Dates Times Location Cost
WDH 476 Dec 11; Th 8:30-12:30pm CEC CE1 $99
WDH 476 Mar 04; W 8-12pm CEC CE1 $99