HiSET Testing Registration

HiSET Testing Registration

My HiSET® Account located at https://ereg.ets.org/ereg-web/public/signin

Creating a HiSET® account gives you quick, easy access to all of your HiSET exam information.

With a HiSET account, you can:

Schedule and pay for a test (in some states)

View your appointment confirmation

Reschedule or cancel a test (in some states)

View your account history

View your scores

Update your profile information

Note: When you create your HiSET account, the name you use to register must exactly match the name printed on your identification documents (excluding accents) that you will present on the day of your test at the test center. See Identification Requirements for more information at http://hiset.ets.org/take/schedule/id/

State Eligibility Requirements, to take the HiSET exam in the state of Missouri, you must meet the following eligibility requirements: Age: You must be at least 16 years of age and out of high school to take the HiSET exam. If you are 16 years of age, you must also have completed at least 16 units toward high school graduation. For more on documentation required, exceptions to this policy and homeschooler information, review the Additional Policies section below.

Residency: You must be a resident of Missouri to take the HiSET exam.

Test Preparation or Instruction: Missouri does not have any test preparation or instruction requirements to take the initial test. However, they do encourage instruction before retesting. See the Additional Policies section below for more information.

Practice Test: Missouri does not require you to take a practice test to qualify for the HiSET exam.

Identification: You must present identification on test day at the HiSET test center. A valid permanent or temporary Missouri license (Driver, Nondriver, Intermediate, Commercial or Instruction (learners) permit), U.S. passport, or U.S. military ID. Outdated or expired identification will not be accepted.

Fees and Payment
How much does it cost to take the HiSET exam in Missouri?
Battery (all five subtests): In Missouri, the total price for the battery is $95 ($50 ETS fee, $10 Missouri State Department of Education administration fee and $35 test center administration fee). If you pay for the battery and need to retest on an individual test, you must pay a $7 test center retesting fee.

NOTE FOR BATTERY PURCHASERS: When you purchase all five subtests at one time in a battery, the purchase expires after 12 months. Because of this, we recommend waiting until as close to January as you feel comfortable to make your purchase. This will allow you to take full advantage of your battery and maximize the amount of time you have to take the exam and retake subtests. For more information, see What is the HiSET Battery?

Individual Subtest: If you only need to take an individual subtest initially, the total price is $32 ($15 ETS fee, $10 state fee, and $7 test center administration fee). If you must retake an individual subtest, you will need to pay a $7 test center administration fee.