Our mission/purpose is to help our community and students while gaining real world experience and applying our knowledge in the Green Industry. The Green Industry teaches us how to find adequate solutions to problems we face every day. PLANET stands for Professional Landcare Network, which is a national organization established in 2005.

This organization will help students to be more involved through community service acts and working with other organizations at OTC. PLANET offers a variety of scholarships for members of the Green Industry. Being involved in PLANET looks good on a transcript or resume not only because of the community service, but because it shows that you go above and beyond what is required of you in school. You take initiative to be involved. It also helps our students gain knowledge and skills to further their career goals.

We have different events such as GIC (Green Industry Conference) and SCD (Student Career Days.) GIC is a conference in which you attend workshops, seminars, and a career fair where businesses give opportunities for jobs and internships. They also have a trade show where you can test the latest equipment and software. SCD is a way of applying your skills and knowledge through competitions. They have competitions ranging from Paver Installation to Plant Identification. There are a lot to choose from. Michelle Jernigan, from OTC, took 2nd place in Leadership Skills contest last year and also received the AEF (American Excellence Foundation) scholarship. Here at OTC, our student chapter is a great way to be involved. This year our officers have brought new ideas to improve the organization and its members. We hold various local events such as the Chili Cook-off, Spring Picnic, Plant Sale, and more. We often have guest speakers from our industry at our meetings.  Wed love for you to be a part of it!

Advisor: Rob Flatness

President: Juan Hibbs-Estrada

Meetings: Wednesdays every month to be determined at 10:30 AM, Information Technology Room 222