SGA Constitution

SGA Constitution

Article I. Name

The name of this organization shall be the Student Government Association (SGA) of Ozarks Technical Community College (OTC).

Article II. Purpose and objectives

The purpose of this organization shall be to promote a spirit of fellowship and loyalty within the student body.  It shall provide a cooperative atmosphere in which to work with the faculty, staff, administration, and board of trustees, and to present student issues and concerns to the administration. It shall distribute student activity fees and recommend the approval or withdrawal of student organization recognition, as well as develop by-laws for the betterment of the institution and students.

Article III. Powers

The Student Government Association shall have the authority to:
A. Act as a representative for students between faculty, staff and administration.
B. Recommend official recognition or withdraw official recognition of a Student Government Association organization.
C. Establish committees when necessary to conduct business.
D. Be accountable for Student Government Association budget allocations.
E. Coordinate with the Vice President of Student Development in planning programs that affect the student body.
F. Freely voice student issues and concerns with the faculty, administration and board of trustees.
G. Freely conduct student business without fear of interference or adversity by a student, faculty or administration member.
H. Hold impeachment proceedings for any elected Student Government Association representative, for just cause.

Article IV. Officers and their office terms

Officers will consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and at least three senators.  The term of office for SGA officer positions shall be for one academic year, consisting of the fall and spring semesters.  The elections for these positions are to be held in the spring semester prior to taking office in the fall. School representation during the summer term shall be provided by the exiting officer group.

Article V. Members of the Student Government Association 

Any student who pays student fees is a member of the Student Government Association.  All employees of the college are honorary members of the Student Government Association, possessing all rights and privileges, with the exception of the right to vote.

Article VI. Chartering and Organizations

A. To become an officially recognized organization, the president and advisor of the organization must request to be placed on the agenda of any regular Student Government Association meeting. A presentation should be made indicating the intent of the organization. A copy of the constitution and/or bylaws, along with a list of officers shall be presented to the Student Government Association.  Voting to recommend the official recognition of the organization will be held at the next regular meeting of the Student Government Association, at which a student member of the organization must be present.  
B. An organization is required to be re-recognized and have a representative present at eight (8) of the regular Student Government Association meetings per semester.  Additionally, the organization is also required to have their President or an appointee thereof serve on the Student Election Commission in order to retain official OTC recognition and with that, the ability to be allocated Student Government Association funds.
C. No organization will receive official recognition if they restrict membership because of age, sex, race, creed, veteran status, disability, medical condition, or religious beliefs, or any other category protected by federal and state anti-discrimination laws.

Article VII. Allocation of Funds
A. Re-recognized organizations may be allocated $150.00 per semester upon presentation of a written request for the funds, provided the organization has satisfactorily met all the guidelines as established in Article VI. An executive officer of the organization must make the request in writing and in person to the SGA officers at a regular Student Government Association meeting.  A motion will then be made, followed by a vote for said request. 
B. Additional funds may be allocated from the Student Government Association by way of a written request and oral presentation indicating the need for the funds. Organizations must have satisfactorily met all the guidelines as established inArticle VI.  An executive officer of the organization must make the request in writing and in person to the SGA officers at a regular Student Government Association meeting.  A vote will then follow for said request.
C. No funds will be allocated for any activity that violates any school policies as outlined by OTC.
D. All funds must be requested during the semester for which the re-recognized organization has qualified. Retroactive allocations are not permitted.
D. Emergency allocation of up to $300.00 for students or staff who have demonstrated  an urgent need of resources may be appropriated by 2/3 vote of the  Student Government Association’s Executive Committee, which includes the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and all current Senators.
E. A student who represents more than one organization can only earn attendance points for one organization at any given SGA meeting or SGA event.

Article VIII. Amendments
The Constitution may be amended at any regular meeting of the Student Government Association by a two-thirds majority vote of the members present, provided the amendment was presented in writing at the previous regular meeting and successfully placed on the following week’s agenda.  

Article IX. By-Laws 

By-laws shall be established to govern Student Government Association activities and conduct.

Article X. Parliamentary Law
The Student Government Association President, acting president, or committee chairperson is responsible for maintaining order and conduct at appropriate times.  Roberts' Rules of Order shall be the authority of all questions not covered by the Constitution and By-Laws.

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