OTC Self Study


OTC HLC Accreditation Self-Study Subcommittees

Organized under the Self-Study Steering Committee are several subcommittees. Dedicated to supporting and encouraging the steering committee's efforts and leadership, these subcommittees carry out the necessary functions for the progress of the college's accreditation mission.

By focusing on addressing different aspects of the Higher Learning Commission's criteria for accreditation as well as the other various aspects of the self-study process, the groups' work to produce a sense of solidarity in the advancement of OTC's mission, goals and values during its accreditation campaign.

Over 90 faculty members, staff members and students are currently serving the college on these subcommittees. It is through their diligence and commitment that Ozarks Technical Community College continues to advance in its vision to be the "community's college."

Self-Study Subcommittees