Class Schedules

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Class Schedules

The complete Ozarks Technical Community College class schedules of course offerings are available online through the links below. Within each schedule, closed sections are indicated in red. This schedule automatically refreshes every 5 minutes. To view which sections are open or closed for a particular location, select the schedule you wish to review (i.e. fall, spring, summer) from the list below. From the top menu on the following page you can then select the location or type of class you wish to review. The legend below provides a description of the types of classes Ozarks Technical Community College offers.

Classroom locations frequently change as the college seeks to most efficiently utilize all facilities. Changes in the location of some classes may occur until the semester begins. Students are encouraged to check AccessOTC just prior to the start of classes to ensure class locations have not changed.

Spring Schedule - 2016

Summer Schedule - 2016 (Registration Begins April 26)

Fall Schedule - 2016 (Registration Begins April 26)

Class Schedule Legend

  • Daytime classes are scheduled between 7 AM and 5:30 PM.
  • Evening classes are scheduled to begin at 5:30 PM or later.
  • Online classes are delivered 100% online; however, all online classes require at least one proctored assessment to be administered at an approved location convenient to the student, no matter the distance from the College.
  • Hybrid classes are delivered primarily online (usually, more than half the class work is online) but require some face-to-face meetings at a designated College location. Face-to-face meeting dates, times, and locations for hybrid courses vary by instructor and are listed on the course schedule.
  • Block classes are compressed courses that meet half the typical length of a term (i.e., the first or second eight weeks of the fall and spring semesters, the first or second four weeks of the summer semester).
  • Intersession classes are intensive, short-duration courses scheduled in-between regular semesters.

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