Change My Admit Status

Change of Admit Status

Occasionally current students need to submit additional documentation and complete specific steps of the admissions process to have their admit status changed.  If you have questions regarding this process please contact Student Services at

  • Visiting Student - Students with a Visiting Student admit status are currently enrolled at another college or university and plan to take a limited number of courses at OTC.  Visiting Students do not plan to pursue a degree at OTC and are not seeking financial aid at OTC.  If a Visiting Student wishes to attend OTC as a degree seeking student or receive financial aid he or she may complete the transfer student admissions process and submit a Petition for Change of Admit Status.  Steps are outlined on the Petition for Change of Admit Status.  
  • Early Start - Students with an Early Start admit status have not graduated from high school or completed their home school program yet.  These students are limited to seven credit hours per semester, are not eligible for financial aid and must be non-degree seeking.  Once an Early Start student has graduated high school or completed their home school program he or she may complete the first-time student admissions process. 
  • Career Center and Dual Credit - Students who have been enrolled in a Career Center or Dual Credit classes may complete the first-time student admissions process if they wish to continue taking college classes at OTC after graduation.   
  • OTC Graduates - OTC students who graduate with a degree or certificate from OTC and wish to continue taking classes will need to submit a Change of Program form to indicate the new program of study at OTC or email to indicate they will be non-degree seeking at OTC.