Administrative Withdrawal

Administrative Withdrawal

It is the policy of the College that a student will be administratively withdrawn from a course(s) due to lack of attendance in a seated class or non-participation in online classes or for other breaches of academic policy.  Students should be aware that administrative withdrawal for lack of attendance or nonparticipation may reduce the amount of financial aid they receive, delay their graduation, or necessitate repayment of aid already received and does not relieve their obligation to pay all tuition and fees due to the college.  Questions regarding administrative withdraw should be directed to your instructor(s).

Withdrawal Criteria

Seated Classes

Nonattendance for two consecutive calendar weeks of class during a regular 16 week session (equivalent of shorter sessions).                

 # of Weeks for class  Maximum length of absence
 20  2.5 calendar weeks
 16 2 calendar weeks 
 12  1.5 calendar weeks
 8  1 calendar week
 4  .5 calendar week

Total absences equate to 20% of the total semester class time. Practicum, clinical and internship attendance requirements will be determined by the appropriate department.

 # of Class Period/Semester   Examples:  Absence at which a student would be withdrawn
 48  (16w, 3d/w)  10
 32  (16w, 2d/w); (8w, 4d/w)  6
 16  (16w, 1d/w); (4w, 4d/w)   3
 24  (12w, 2 d/w)  5
 5  (1w, 5d/w)  1

 Online Classes

Does not access (as designated in online grade book) the course for 14 consecutive days without contacting the instructor.

Does not submit total assignments equating to 20% of total semester assignments (e.g. assignments, discussions, exam, homework, etc.).