Recruitment and Enrollment

Recruitment & Enrollment

The Recruitment and Enrollment Management department is responsible for developing, implementing, and executing strategies that recruit traditional and non-traditional students to enroll at OTC. We are also responsible for providing enrollment support to potential and current students. Our department targets external and internal recruitment through the following strategies:

  • Visiting high schools to educate students about the benefits, programs, and advantages of enrolling with OTC.
  • Providing tours, information packets, and orientations that help potential students see what OTC has to offer and new or returning students to get started.
  • Visiting businesses and attending expos to promote beginning an educational career or advancing a professional career.
  • Conducting open houses at our various locations every year to allow the community to see what we've done, where we are, what opportunities we provide, and how we help the communities we serve.

We believe that recruitment is a college-wide process and encourage you to take part in our growth.

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