Electrical - Certificate

Electrical Certificate Overview

Certificate = 34 hours

The Electrical Certificate program will provide individuals the opportunity to develop technical skills that they need to advance in a career as an electrician. This program can be utilized by apprentices or non-apprentices.

Upon completion of the Electrical Certificate, students can apply those credit hours to two different AAS degree programs.  If a student has completed the certificate program as an apprentice, has a sufficient amount of work related hours, and passes the National Electric Certification exam, he or she may wish to pursue an AAS degree in the Apprenticeship Industrial Technology program.  If a student does not have the work related hours required to sit for the National Electric Certification exam (non-apprentice), he or she may choose to pursue an AAS degree in Manufacturing.  Consultation with the department chair of this program is required to ensure that each individual chooses a path that will best suit his or her needs.

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