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Michael Pulley

English Instructor

Making An OTC Difference

Teaching is a tradition in the Michael Pulley family. His mother was a teacher. His two brothers were teachers. Naturally, Michael had to follow that tradition.

"I thought I could teach. Everyone was a teacher," he said.

While Michael has had a few non-teaching jobs, he has spent the majority of his career teaching at the high school and collegiate level. He joined the OTC faculty in 1991 when OTC opened.

Michael has a unique perspective on how to reach students who might be struggling with a subject like English or writing.

"Cool is making something difficult appear easy. If I can make the subject cool to do, then students are likely to get the idea that I can do it," he said.

How are you making "An OTC Difference?"

"I try to take the focus off me. I don't promote myself in the classroom. I put the focus on the material and the students. I just try to stay out of their way as much as possible, so they can learn in spite of me."

"Writing fiction and cycling are releases for me. They take me out of myself."