Mile-High Learning

Dr. Maria Puzziferro

Online Political Science Instructor

Making An OTC Difference

Dr. Maria Puzziferro attended colleges in New York, but her educational journey has taken her to both the Rocky Mountains and the Ozarks, as well.

Dr. Puzziferro, who was named president of the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in March, has been teaching online political science courses at Ozarks Technical Community College since 2008.

"My love of teaching, learning and working with people has set me on a wonderful lifelong journey," said Dr. Puzziferro, who loves the challenges of online teaching.

"One of the challenges of online learning is that the very life factors that draw nontraditional students to online learning place them at higher risk for course and program attrition."

How are you making "An OTC Difference?"

"Assignments and activities that are problem-based, authentic, relevant and interesting encourage persistence. I also recognize that a symbiotic relationship must be developed between instructor and students that is based on mutual respect, professionalism, and an ongoing connection."

"My passion for changing peoples' lives will always guide me."