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Jacque Blauvelt

Children's Book Author

Where Are They Now?

Jacque Blauvelt's success came after her natural talent was exposed to the world of digital publishing at OTC. She is a registered nurse and now is also a published author of a children's book.

Jacque wrote, illustrated and produced "Bass Buddies A to Z," thanks to the training she received through courses she took at OTC's Community Enrichment Center.

"Publishing this book was on my bucket list," the Springfield resident said.

Jacque, who had studied art on her own, paired her talents with computer software programs that taught her how to draw on a computer and design pages for publication. The classes allowed her to transform her ideas into a book.

"The software is a marvelous medium to me. I applied what I learned on my own to those programs and developed the book," she said.

Jacque is now creating a similar Bass Buddies book about numbers.

While taking the digital publishing and design classes at OTC, an instructor noticed Jacque's fish sketches and encouraged her to continue her endeavor.

It took three years to complete all of the artwork for the book, which was published last year and is available through and the Big Cedar Lodge gift shop in Hollister.

The book is designed for readers from preschool to age 9. There's also a glossary to explain some of the words used in the book.

Her cast of characters is a variety of made-up species of bass with distinctive names like Archie the Acrobass, Betunia Bassblossom and Colio the Catbass.

"It's the whimsical world of bass buddies," Jacque said.

Jacque has made several book signing appearances.

"A lot of customers turn out to be teachers. A fourth-grade class is learning how to write a book using my book. Another class of challenged students was able to go from A to Z because the artwork kept the kids interested," Jacque said.

Jacque is getting high marks from buyers on

"It's a good alphabet book with bright colors that keeps your child's attention. I'm finding something new every time I read it," wrote one parent on Amazon.

Jacque is grateful for the OTC classes and the encouraging instructors.

"I can't say enough about how those classes started me on my way," she said.

"Publishing this book was on my bucket list."

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