Flipping for Vegas


Brian White


Where Are They Now?

Brian White might be a police officer today instead of performing in Las Vegas if it wasn't for a lost bet. Brian, who attended OTC after graduating from Kickapoo High School, is a performer in "Le Reve--The Dream," a stunning production at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas.

The show is a breathtaking performance in an intimate aqua theater-in-the-round and features aerial acrobatics and artistic choreography. There are feats of strength and agility, music, and special effects that take the audience into a world of fantastic adventure and intrigue.

Brian, 25, is one of 93 performers in "Le Reve," which tells the story of a young girl's dreams.

Although Brian didn't participate in school athletics growing up, he began gymnastics classes at age 3. By age 6, he was competing and won several gymnastics titles.

If Brian hadn't lost a bet while coaching gymnasts, he might not have seen the lights of Vegas and instead be in law enforcement.

"When I was working at the gym, a group of cheerleaders came in and we were making fun of them. I bet one of the cheerleaders they couldn't perform a certain gymnastics trick. They did it and I had to become a cheerleader," he said.

Brian ended up enjoying his first brush with cheerleaders and stuck with it. He went on to become a member of the Missouri Elite cheerleading squad.

After graduating from Kickapoo High School, Brian came to OTC and took general education classes until he qualified for a cheerleading scholarship to the University of Central Florida.

There, he was picked to appear in "Bring It On 4," a film about a cheerleading squad competition.

A friend he met in the movie joined the "Le Reve" troupe and called White regarding the tryouts for the production. Brian tried out and made the company.

Brian does a number of gymnastics and tumbling tricks in the production, one of which requires him to make a dramatic drop of more than 50 feet from the ceiling to the watery set below.

His mother, Ann White, who is the secretary to the president of the OTC Richwood Valley Campus, said as a mom she's naturally nervous for her son but added, "He's so excited. I'm so happy for him. His success is really amazing."

"It's a spectacular production and I have several parts in it."

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