Stretching Boundaries

Dr. Becky Crocker

Physical Therapist Assistant Instructor

Making An OTC Difference

Becky found her passion for physical therapy from a wheelchair-bound college classmate who was in her psychology class.

"He said the only reason he was able to go on with his life was because of physical therapy. It allowed him to regain his life. I thought, 'I could do that,'" she said.

And now, nearly 40 years later, the passion still burns in Becky, who brings her wealth of knowledge and talent to the OTC physical therapist assistant program.

"I want students who are passionate about the profession and not interested in just making money. You just can't be a physical therapist assistant. You have to have a passion for working with humans," Becky said.

"We don't just graduate students for the numbers. Our students have to be outstanding."

How are you making "An OTC Difference?"

"I show a passion for patient care and teach students to help themselves. I try to show students they are in control of their own education."

"Being the best is part of our profession. We've got to be the best."