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Selina & Colvin

Business Management / General Education

A Family Tradition

When Selina and Colvin Taylor get together at the OTC Waynesville Center where they both take classes, there is bound to be laughter and smiles.

They recently shared some fun when Mom was warning her son about getting to class on time. Selina joked that clock-watching is not one of her son's better attributes.

"I'm there within a couple of minutes," Colvin said, sending a wink and a smile at Mom.

Selina, who is a secretary at the Waynesville Center, is taking business management classes at Waynesville through OTC's collaborative agreement with Central Methodist University.

Colvin, a graduate of Waynesville High School, is taking his general education courses at OTC and also works at the Main Exchange at Fort Leonard Wood.

His father, Alvin, is a sergeant first class in the chemical corps and serves as an instructor at Fort Leonard Wood. Over the years, the military family has been stationed in Louisiana, Hawaii and Waynesville. Alvin has been deployed twice to Iraq.

Colvin is a sports fanatic. He played high school basketball at Waynesville and was an outstanding track start while living in Hawaii. He dreamed of one day playing in the NBA. But that, unfortunately, is going to remain only a dream.

So, Colvin will put his efforts into other areas. He would like to earn a sports management or education degree after transferring from OTC.

"Since the NBA career hasn't worked out, I want to be an athletic director at a high school or college. It's where I can have an impact. I might like teaching. Athletics and academics have always gone hand and hand in our family," he said.

"I like OTC because I can work around my base work schedule. There is a relaxed atmosphere here. There is good one-on-one time with teachers that you can't get at a big university," Colvin said.

While mother and son don't attend any of the same classes, Selina is there to make sure Colvin is taking care of his school business, sometimes studying together at home.

"He doesn't always need a push, but he gets one from me anyway," Selina said as the two laugh together again.

Colvin admits that his mom is the better student. Selina has been on the dean's list several times and Colvin is proud of his mother's accomplishments.

Colvin adds that OTC is a great place for students to start.

"It's a good place to start your college career. You can get settled in and see what it's like. That's why I like OTC," he said.

"He doesn't always need a push, but he gets one from me anyway."

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