Cooking Up Business


William Peak

Co-owner & Chef, Savor Restaurant

Impacting Our Economy

Impacting Our Economy

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  • Over their working lifetimes, associate degree grads in the OTC service area earn


    more than someone with a high school diploma

  • $168.6 million

    Amount OTC alumni contribute in added income to the region every year

  • $211.8 million

    OTC's yearly total economic impact on the College's service region

  • College operations generate

    $31.6 million

    in net added income to the community

  • Higher student income and associated effects on business productivity add


    annually to the state's economy

  • OTC students save Missouri

    $2.9 million

    per year from improved lifestyle behaviors and reduced welfare costs

William Peak's Savor Restaurant is filled with scents and aromas of culinary excellence.

And Peak has been enjoying the sweet smell of success thanks to the training he received from Ozarks Technical Community College's popular culinary arts program.

Peak and thousands of other OTC alum have been contributing $168.6 million a year to the state economy.

The startup of the Springfield restaurant has already received considerable exposure through television on the Canadian version of the Food Network. The program, "The Opener," will air later this year in the U.S.

The restaurant was chosen for the television program after a random phone call.

"The show's producers were calling around the country and called the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce who recommended us," Peak said.
Filming took nearly a month to complete and Peak has yet to see the finished product.

"OTC gave me the start. I wouldn't be in culinary arts without OTC," said Peak, who has between eight and 10 employees, some of them from OTC's culinary arts program.

Peak attended the Culinary Arts program eight years ago and established Savor Restaurant on Commercial Street about a year ago with business partner Erik Kincade.

"I really, really learned a lot. Culinary arts taught me the basics about sauces and flavors. Everything has been a learning experience," Peak said.

Peak came to OTC at a time when the program's new state-of-the-art kitchen facilities were brought on line.

"For somebody who didn't know how to fry in a fryer, it was very impressive," he said.

"Students exchange current earnings and tuition costs for long-term higher income. Compared to someone with a high school diploma, associates degree graduates earn $9,300 more per year, on average, over the course of a lifetime. "