Feels Like Home


Drew Bishop

Computer Information Science

Lebanon Education Center

Lebanon Education Center

  • Opened 1996
  • Fall enrollment: 570
  • New center location opens 2011
  • 71,000 total square footage of new center with 14 classrooms & 4 labs
Lebanon Education Center

Ozarks Technical Community College is Drew Bishop's college and the hometown resident will find it hard to say good-bye to the Lebanon Education Center when he graduates this spring.

"It feels like home. When I transfer to Missouri State University, I'll miss OTC-Lebanon because of the small, home-like feeling it has," says Drew, who attended Lebanon High School.

A computer information sciences major, Drew will be transferring to MSU to use what he learned at OTC to earn a bachelor's degree in Computer Information Sciences and Information Technology.

His dream job after graduation is to go to work for the Microsoft Corp. or IBM.

"That's my ultimate goal and meeting my requirements with classes I take at OTC helps me work toward that goal," Drew says.

Drew spends a lot of time at the Lebanon Education Center.

While carrying a full load, Drew also works as mathematics tutor at OTC through the work study program and is a substitute teacher for the Lebanon School District.

Drew said he came to OTC because the Associate of Arts transfer degree is accepted at major four-year institutions like MSU.

In addition, the reasonable cost of attending OTC was a plus, too.

"The staff at the Lebanon center is excellent. They are always busy but will take the time to help you any time you need it. They seem to always be doing something productive and they are all about business. At the same time, they are down to earth people and easy to talk to," Drew says.

"The staff at the Lebanon center is excellent."