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Michelle Wilson

Associate of Arts

OTC Online

OTC Online

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OTC Online

Between living in Fordland and working in Rogersville, Michelle Wilson found adding a third daily stop a bit of a stretch.

So, Michelle turned to Ozarks Technical Community College's online offerings to continue her education and her dream of becoming a journalist.

"I really needed some convenience as far as my schedule went so that I wouldn't have work conflicts. Online seemed like the best way to go," says Michelle, who was home-schooled.

Using OTC Online saves Michelle a 45-minute one-way drive that she would have to make to take classes in Springfield. Using online also allows here to take management-training classes at her job.

"Between my class schedule and work, I keep enormously busy. I love the flexibility of my online classes because it allows me the opportunity to work on a job promotion. I am grateful for that," Michelle says.

Michelle also likes what OTC Online offers her as a student.

"Since my OTC center is technically online, the most appealing aspect for me is the flexibility of online classes. Making my own schedule, to a certain extent, is the best part, though I also appreciate that online classes tend to offer more resources because it is simple to direct students to files and online materials for further study on whatever topic is being discussed," she says.

Michelle is an excellent student who was inducted into Phi Theta Kappa, something that thrilled her mother and younger brother.

"I am a first generation college student, so my education is significant for my family, as well as myself. My mom and younger brother were able to attend my Phi Theta Kappa induction at the ceremony for OTC's chapter of the honors society this year, and it was exciting for them to see some recognition that I am succeeding in college," Michelle says.

"I love the flexibility of my online classes."