Course Development

Course Development

Just as OTC Online must continually adapt to the growing needs of our students and the marketplace, so must our educators. That's why we are happy to provide resources, certifications, and training that help our instructors continue providing the high quality of education OTC Online strives to provide.

OTC Online Course Review

Online course review is part of an on-going process to ensure student achievement through improved course quality and instructor performance. This process is a formative evaluation of a course and is used as a means to improve teaching, course delivery, and course development.  Faculty peer reviewers offer helpful recommendations, suggestions and constructive feedback to help guide instructors in online teaching and learning best practices.

Each semester, OTC Online requests a sample of randomly selected instructors who will be required to complete an online course review. If you are contacted by OTC Online for the current semester, you will need to complete the Online Course Review form located at the link below. Guidelines and instructions are included on the form, or you may contact for more information.  Course reviews are required per Policy 2.53 (C.9).

Master Shell Development Process

Development and design affects the success of a course. There is a need for consistency and ensuring adequate material is offered for students to succeed. The Master Shell process implements course development that combines faculty development with one-on-one partnership between faculty, the subject matter experts, and instructional designers. As OTC Online strives to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), this process aids in making sure our faculty meet those expectations in each online and hybrid course. OTC Online has developed a process for creating completed courses for instructors to use and adapt to their teaching styles before the start of the semester. Instructors are then expected to continuously enhance each course.

Master Shell courses are developed or renovated twice a year. Master Shells being used and copied for spring will begin development/renovation in August and will finalize in December. Shells used and copied for fall, development/renovation will begin in January and finalize in May. Request forms are due one month prior to the start of development.

Request form clarification below:

The Co-development process decreases the work load on the developers by having the Instructional Design and Development (IDD) team place the content inside the shell.  The developer compiles the content for the course and submits this information to the design team, who then sets up the course with the developer's content.  Co-development is suggested when a developer does not have adequate time to develop a shell and would like assistance from the IDD team, or if the developer has not successfully completed ONL 101 prior to development. The developers who have successfully completed ONL 101 are eligible to request sole development.

Courses that have been offered online at OTC qualify as a renovation, rather than new development. We have placed existing online courses in the renovation category since there is already content that can be copied into the shell to assist with development. We leave it up to the developer whether they wish to have content copied into the shell from a previous course or start with an empty shell however, either way it would still be considered a renovation. For courses that are transitioning from seated to online, or if a new course is being offered online, those would be considered new development since there is no previously developed content.