Manufacturing (MFG)

Manufacturing Program Overview

Manufacturing Technology is a cross-disciplinary program which allows the student to chart a personalized path to a degree and certificates by taking several required courses along with courses chosen from any of our manufacturing related degree programs. Classes from Industrial Control and Automation (ICA), Drafting and Design Technology (DDT), Machine Tool Technology (MTT), Welding (WLD) and other ancillary programs can be combined to lead to the MFG degree.

This program is intended to help employers create a professional training plan for their employees that leads to a degree and /or certificates, and exactly fi ts the needs of the employee for the particular position they are in. Further post-degree training can lead to the top level certificate and prepare employees for management and supervisory roles. Student enrollment must be preceded by an advising consultation with one or more of the Division Chairs of the above programs to create a degree / certification plan for individuals or groups of employees. Contact the Division Chair for more information.

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