Notice of Vacancy: Part-time Counselor/Retention Specialist

Qualifications & Experience


(M1) Master's degree (or provisional) or working toward a master's degree, in school guidance & counseling, from a regionally accredited institution of higher learning; (M2) Exceptional computer literacy skills; (M3) Excellent oral and written communication skills


(D1) Experience in social work (D2) Work experience at the collegiate level; (D3) Experience with at-risk populations

Application Information & Deadline

Position Description

Position Title: Part-time Counselor/Retention Specialist

Salary Classification: Non-exempt


The Counselor/Retention Specialist is responsible for assisting in coordination of the Missouri Customer Service Partnership program and support of students in the Missouri Customer Service Partnership program.  This includes scheduling appropriate college coursework, monitoring student credits, and acting as a liaison between the institution, community agencies, business and industry representatives.


Reports to and acts under the direct supervision of the Coordinator of Missouri Customer Service Partnership Program.  Provides general support to the faculty and staff that serve the Missouri Customer Service Partnership Program.


1. Guides and counsels students through the educational and career planning process.

2. Builds relationships with students to insure a sense of community and increase student retention.

3. Curriculum design and teaching duties pertaining to customer service and computer literacy, as needed.

4. Provides crisis counseling and refers students to appropriate local agencies for immediate assistance.

5. Assists with orientation programs.

6. Assists in master scheduling process.

7. Schedules students in classes appropriate for their individualized career pathway.

8. Facilitates workplace experiences as needed.

9. Assists students in developing a transition plan for post-secondary education and entry into the workforce after completion of program.

10. Works effectively with students including extensive telephone communication, letters, meetings, and positive relationship building.

11. Serves as the primary resource person to facilitate a successful post-secondary transition including ACT testing, financial aid, scholarship information, special events, and miscellaneous tasks including:
a. College Tours
b. FAFSA Night
c. College Applications/Reference Letters
d. College Essays
e. STAR Orientation
f. Scholarship Announcements

12. Supports alumni students as needed.

13. Contributes to the successful operation of the school community.

14. Practices philosophy of education consistent with student mentorship and coaching model to increase student success and change behavior.

15. Assists in addressing student issues that breach the Missouri Customer Service Partnership program contract and placing students at-risk of dismissal.

16. Assists with attendance/tardy issues.

17. Monitors student grades and regularly conferences with instructors about the academic progress of individual students.

18. Interprets assessment data and applies the information to increase student success as needed.

19. Supports academic instruction and demonstrates best practices for staff and faculty.

20. Supports other departments on campus.

21. Promotes opportunities to speak on behalf of the Missouri Customer Service Partnership Program to raise awareness, gain support and recruit students.

22. Facilitate six month student follow up.

23. Pursues professional development.

24. Performs other duties as assigned.

The College:

Ozarks Technical Community College's primary mission is to provide accessible, high quality, affordable technical and general education that is responsive to the educational needs of the community and its diverse constituencies.

Ozarks Technical Community College prohibits discrimination and harassment and provides equal opportunities in its admissions, educational programs, activities, and employment regardless of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, marital status, sexual orientation, political affiliation, veteran status, and disabilities that include HIV and AIDS, and medical conditions. Bona fide occupational qualifications will be allowed in those instances where age, gender, or physical requirements apply to the appropriate and efficient administration of the position.