Notice of Vacancy: Network Hardware Technician - Richwood Valley Campus

Qualifications & Experience


(M1) Associates degree from a regionally accredited Institution of higher learning (M2) Effective communication skills  (M3) Must have the ability to lift 35 lbs to a height of 42" and carry the weight 10 ft (M4) One year experience troubleshooting and supporting PCs (M5) Each applicant will be required to complete a hands-on evaluation


(D1) Experience with Cisco routing and switching devices  (D2) Comp TIA Network+ or A+ Certification is desirable  (D3) 1 year experience with cable termination/certification  (D4) 1 year experience in printer troubleshooting and repair

Application Information & Deadline

Position Description

Position Title: Network Hardware Technician - Richwood Valley Campus

Salary Classification: Exempt


Installs and certifies campus backbone cabling and terminal room equipment.  Installs/constructs campus infrastructure and provides connectivity for network and user devices.  Maintains and accounts for network testing devices.  Documents network connectivity.  Assists in the operation and general maintenance of academic and administrative computer systems and networks.  Helps maintain equipment inventories, user equipment and work order database.  Installs and configures new microcomputer equipment.  Assists in computer and network problem resolution.  Responsible for attaching and configuring peripheral equipment.


Acts under the delegated authority and general supervision of the IT Coordinator - Richwood Valley


1. Connects computers and network devices to the campus network, including troubleshooting and repairing network connections.

2. Assembles and installs network infrastructure.

3. Configures, maintains, and accounts for network devices.

4. Maintains and accounts for fiber optic and copper cable testing devices.

5. Terminates and certifies fiber optic cabling.

6. Orders and maintains stock of consumable items.

7. Assists in maintaining documentation for all campus network connectivity.

8. Conducts periodic and preventive maintenance of microcomputers and peripheral equipment.

9. Installs hardware and software for stand alone and networked microcomputer systems.

10. Troubleshoots hardware, software, and interface problems for OTC microcomputer and network systems.

11. Track progress of work flow using department work order system and procedures.

12. Registers new hardware, upgrades hardware and initiates warranties.

13. Interfaces with vendor technical support.

14. Trains and helps users.

15. Provides equipment user support to staff, faculty and administrators.

16. Performs other duties as assigned.

The College:

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