Notice of Vacancy: Part-time Testing Services

Qualifications & Experience


(M1) Must be a non-OTC student; (M2) High school diploma; (M3) Ability to work flexible hours; (M4) Advanced computer skills; (M5) Good communication and interpersonal skills.


(D1) Associate of Arts degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher learning; (D2) Experience with testing or in a testing center.

Application Information & Deadline

Position Description

Position Title: Part-time Testing Services

Salary Classification: Non-exempt


Provides testing assistance in securing, administering, proctoring and delivering exams for online courses, make-up exams, entrance and exit assessments, exams to students with disabilities, and other specialized testing administered through the Testing Services department.  Provides assistance for all aspects of the daily operations for the Testing Services department.


Reports to the Coordinator of Testing Services.


1. The Testing Services employee will work in conjunction with all full-time Testing Services staff members to maintain the daily operations of the Testing Center.

2. The Testing Services employee will provide testing support by administering, proctoring, and delivering exams under the supervision of all full-time Testing Services staff for online courses, make-up exams, entrance and exit assessments, specialized testing, and administering exams to students with disabilities.
3. The Testing Services employee must conduct him or herself in a professional manner and in accordance with OTC and Testing Services policies.

4. The Testing Services employee seeks to encourage and build student esteem and shows respect to all students regardless of the level of knowledge in testing protocol.

5. The Testing Services employee actively works toward achieving certifications for various exams administered by the Testing Services department and maintains those certifications yearly as needed.

6. The Testing Services employee will maintain a friendly and courteous relationship with all students, staff and faculty.
7. The Testing Services employee responds readily to the supervision of all Testing Services staff members.  (Testing Services is open 67 hours/week; supervision of the Testing Services rotates between staff members.)

8. The Testing Services employee keeps his/her supervisor informed on any schedule conflicts (giving a minimum of a week’s notice if at all possible).

9. The Testing Services employee is punctual in filling his/her assigned scheduled times.

10. The Testing Services employee will performs clerical duties as needed.

11. The Testing Services employee performs other duties as assigned by Testing Services staff.

The College:

Ozarks Technical Community College's primary mission is to provide accessible, high quality, affordable technical and general education that is responsive to the educational needs of the community and its diverse constituencies.

Ozarks Technical Community College prohibits discrimination and harassment and provides equal opportunities in its admissions, educational programs, activities, and employment regardless of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, marital status, sexual orientation, political affiliation, veteran status, and disabilities that include HIV and AIDS, and medical conditions. Bona fide occupational qualifications will be allowed in those instances where age, gender, or physical requirements apply to the appropriate and efficient administration of the position.