The Humanities Division at OTC consists of the departments of Humanities, Philosophy, Art History, Music, Theatre, and Spanish.

The mission of the Humanities Division at Ozarks Technical Community College is to cultivate our students' knowledge of and experience in the creative disciplines known collectively as the Arts and Humanities (including the visual arts, music, literature, theatre, philosophy, religion, and foreign languages) in order that this knowledge and experience will contribute to their personal and professional well-being.

All courses in the Humanities Division have the following common goals:

  • To develop students' understanding of the ways in which humans have addressed their condition through imaginative work in the arts and humanities;
  • To deepen students' understanding of how that imaginative process is informed and limited by social, cultural, linguistic, and historical circumstances;
  • To aid students in acquiring the skills to develop a life-long relationship with the Arts and Humanities;
  • To enhance students' appreciation of the world of the creative imagination as a form of knowledge;
  • And to prepare students to function effectively in the increasingly international cultural and economic environment of the 21st century.

Humanities Courses