Biological Science

Biological Science

The Department of Biological Sciences supports students as they learn about the living world around them.  Our department includes the Biology area, the Bioclinical Science area, and the Health Education area.   We are a diverse group of instructors with expertise in a variety of biological and public health areas.  Each area has a specific mission in our college.

The Biology area contains courses for students who are majoring in Biology and our general education Biology component.  Our objectives for this area of our department include:

  • Explain how to use the scientific method, develop a hypothesis, and draw a conclusion.
  • Explain how human choices affect the earth and living systems.
  • Describe the concepts of the nature, organization, and evolution of living systems.
  • Evaluate scientific evidence and argument.

The mission of the Bioclinical Science area is to provide instruction in the basic human sciences.  These courses enable students to develop an understanding of the normal structure and function of the human body through various lecture and laboratory activities.  These courses are the pre-requisite courses for many of the Allied Health majors.  The objectives for this area of our department include:

  • Illustrate how feedback systems serve to maintain homeostasis.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of cell structure, function, and reproduction.
  • Apply basic knowledge of molecular genetics.
  • Analyze case studies for normal and abnormal body functions.
  • Categorize disease processes.                               

The mission of the Health Education area of our department is to provide education in the components of a healthy lifestyle.  The objectives for this area of our department include:

  • Explain the components of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Evaluate personal health using self-assessment techniques.
  • Describe lifestyle choices that negatively impact our health. 

This department contains a core of full time faculty and a large component of dedicated adjunct faculty.  The full time faculty are listed below:





Biological Sciences Faculty



 Marianne Crocker  Department Chair,  Instructor of Bioclinical Science
Dr. Christie Campbell Instructor of Bioclinical Sciences, Richwood Valley Campus, Lead Instructor BCS 132
John Fishback Instructor of Bioclinical Sciences, Lead Instructor BCS 165 & 205
Dr. Shelia Taylor Instructor of Bioclinical Sciences, Lead Instructor BCS 200
Larry Scharnberg Instructor of Bioclinical Sciences, Lead Instructor BCS 145 & 146
Leticia Vosotros Instructor of Bioclinical Sciences
Craig Grainger Instructor of Bioclinical Sciences
Ginger Zaagsma Instructor of Bioclinical Sciences and Lab Coordinator at Richwood Valley Campus
Dr. Joyce Hill Department Chair, Instructor of Biological Sciences and Health Education
Dusty Childress Instructor of Biology, Director of Lebanon Education Center
Dr. Kip Thompson Instructor of Biology, Richwood Valley Campus
Karla Rues Instructor of Biology and Health Education, Lead Instructor HLT and BIO 135
Dana Sherman Instructor of Health Education
Curtis Klotz Instructor of Biology
Rebecca Gehringher Instructor of Biology
Dr. William Sewell Instructor of Biology


Biological Science Courses