English Department

On this page, you'll find course infomation regarding English and foreign languages. For more information about degree programs, visit All Degree & Certificates. For more information about English as a Second Language courses, visit Adult Education & Literacy.

The English department's mission is to help develop students' abilities to use the English language to read and listen critically and write with clarity and persuasiveness, skills which will help them in their further academic and/or working careers. Visit The Writing Center for a staff of student peer tutors that can help you with any step in the writing process.

The overall goal of the English department is to foster the intellectual and academic growth of our students by helping them to locate information from a variety of sources, critically evaluate it, assimilate it, apply it, and communicate it effectively.

Upon completing their English coursework at OTC, students should be able to:

  • Analyze ideas in both discussions and written documents;
  • Apply analytical processes in formal written presentations;
  • Read and discuss critically;
  • Describe problems, identify alternative solutions, and form conclusions using relevant evidence and reasoned argument;
  • Locate, analyze, and synthesize information from a variety of sources;
  • Integrate source material into a research document;
  • Use standard diction, syntax, usage, grammar, and mechanics.

Students leaving OTC, whether entering the workplace or furthering their education, will use these skills every time they are called on to synthesize, manage, or produce information.

English Department Faculty

 Kelly Anthony  Lyndsey Fronterhouse  Barrie Talbott
 David Ball  Dane Galloway  Richard Turner
 Jane Cowden  Donna Graham  Ashlei Woelk
 Jennifer Dunkel  Michelle Hudgens  Sam Woelk
 Karen Foresee  Michael Pulley  

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