Physical Science

Physical Science

The Department of Physical Sciences strives to enable students to develop an understanding of the principles and laboratory procedures in the physical sciences.  These courses foster the ability of the student to apply the methods of scientific inquiry.  After completion of the required course sequence at OTC, students should have developed an understanding of physical matter and forces in our universe.

Our department includes courses from two major areas: chemistry and physics.  In the area of chemistry, we offer courses in organic, inorganic, quantitative, as well as environmental topics.  In the physics area of study, we offer astronomy, geology, and physical science for educators, as well as the study of physics on various levels, including technical physics, introductory physics, trigonometric based physics, and engineering physics.

Students taking physical science courses may choose a course necessary for their general education requirement for an Associate of Arts or Associate of Applied Science degree, or they may choose courses needed in their pursuit of an Associate of Science degree in chemistry or engineering.  No matter what the course taught, the physical science department strives to meet the following objectives:

       Use and evaluate how the scientific method is used in problem solving.

       Evaluate scientific evidence.

       Apply the atomic model to explain physical and chemical properties of matter and its changes.

       Describe the current theories on the origin of the elements.

Physical Sciences Faculty


 Jen Snyder Department Chair and Chemistry Instructor
 Chris Cole Chemistry Instructor
 Claude Crain Chemistry Instructor
 Paul Ehrich Physics Instructor
 Todd VanGorden Engineering Instructor
 Angie McChesney Chemistry Lead Instructor
Kathy Shade Chemistry Instructor
Patrick Casey Chemistry Instructor

Physical Science Courses