Practice makes Perfect

Practice makes Perfect

Students in the respiratory therapy program at Ozarks Technical Community College are getting a head
start learning the ins and outs of a new ventilator system thanks to the generosity of Hamilton Medical, Inc.

The OTC Foundation received the equipment as a gift for the Allied Health program. The machinery, valued
at more than $55,000, came from Hamilton Medical as part of a transaction for 22 similar ventilators
purchased from the company by St. John's Hospital.

"This is another great example of how the relationships between community colleges and area industry
leaders can be mutually beneficial and can lead to advancements for the community as a whole," said Dr.
Hal L. Higdon, president of the College.

"The donated equipment is the same that is used by many of the area hospitals. It will provide an advantage
to our graduates as they prepare for clinical experience and for their careers."

Bill Lamb, account manager for Hamilton Medical, said the company was happy to donate the
state-of-the-art equipment.

"We chose to donate this equipment to aid Ozarks Technical Community College in preparing its students
for clinical experience and practice. OTC is one of the top respiratory therapy training institutions in the
country," Lamb said.

Jim Pattinson, director of respiratory care for St. Johnís, said about 98 percent of all hires in the hospitalís
respiratory care department are OTC graduates and that the new equipment will help train students for
eventual employment.

"Their lab and program are excellent and students come out ready to go because they are trained on the
exact equipment we use. St. John's is grateful to have such a great training ground for our future
hires," Pattinson said.