Theater Department

Jessica Lankford in Neil Simon's "The Good Doctor" Spring Play 2012

The theater program at OTC is rooted in truthful storytelling, process, and proper technique. Students will develop characters, give truthful performances and hone their craft. Our acting classes cover techniques for engaging inner life, accessing imagination, building the vocal instrument and the body, bringing subtext to life and the unique requirements for working on camera. As an actor the task is simple but profound; the need to bring fullness of the actor to the story that the writer has laid out. As well as acting classes, students are offered performance studies, costume design, beginning playwriting, and stage directing. Script analysis is the key to understanding keeps the actor on course with the intentions of the writer. It helps an actor break down a scene so that clear and confidant choices are made in preparation of a scene. Then in performance the actor can be free to act boldly, bravely, and viscerally. Graduates will enter the field with the skills, tools and an acting resume required of today's actors. Acting is one of the most demanding forms of creative communication. We invite you to challenge yourself, and come learn from acting professionals in a unique, collaborative, inspired environment.