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February First Friday Art Walk Exhibition

February First Friday Art Walk Exhibition

OTC Fine Arts Department and Gallery

3rd Floor Gillioz Theater 325 Park Central East

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Marion DeCocq - Les Conjuring Chromatic Bazaar - These Swing dancers have abandoned caution to dance, to relish the moment together. Their eyes are closed but their hearts are wide open to the possibilities of the night. the city surrounds them in acceptance and joins in the celebration, while the moon becomes the dance room ball. Are the passing cars a danger or an audience to there spectacles? The answer is with the viewer.

Bio: "Born in Missouri 1971 and educated in the public school system, I was generally unremarkable in most academic subjects for the exception of art, where from first grade on I never scored less than an A+, (it may also be that art was the only class I fully participated in). Creating art back then was this poor boy's Atari play system, and I played it often. I graduated high school in boot camp and served four years in the Army during, "Operation Desert Storm."  Afterward I raised five beautiful children working as a trash man, emphasizing to them the importance of education. My oldest daughter is now a second grade teacher and my youngest daughter is in her third year of college in the pursuit of becoming a scientist. So in the last few years as my children began leaving our home to search out their own destinies, I returned to mine, Art.  All of my oil paintings are done in layers through traditional processes. I do many disparate genres but with the single aim to capture as much imaginative force as I can in order to create a visual curiosity. In my mindset I try less to paint statements inasmuch as leading questions, so the viewers of my paintings are not just witnesses to art but participants as well. I am a fan of surrealism, but I do not categorize myself as strictly a surrealist painter, I just follow where my mind goes.  In the last two years I won consecutively the Grand Prize Award along with the People's Choice Award in Springfield's annual First Friday Art Walk Anniversary Art Juried Exhibition at the OTC Fine Arts Department, 3rd floor Gillioz Theater."



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