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November First Friday Art Walk Exhibition

November First Friday Art Walk Exhibition

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Artist Statement by Brandon Alms: Photographs preserve our experiences and provide an intimate perspective. I use photography to capture what we do not notice and reveal nature's hidden details. I am motivated to bring out the beauty from the ordinary and inspire a connection.  Influenced by the natural world, I explore its subtle qualities and aim to unveil what the naked eye cannot see.  As a nature photographer, my enthusiasm in capturing the perfect shot sometimes entails waiting patiently for hours. In my pursuit of documenting nature, I have had many fascinating wildlife encounters and relish the challenge of portraying each discovery with my personal vision. I hope to engage the viewer and evoke reflection to our surroundings.

ARTIST BIO: I have always been a highly visual person. From an early age, I quickly became interested in art and began drawing anything and everything. By the time I graduated high school, I knew I wanted to spend my professional career creating art. I moved from St. Louis to Springfield, Missouri, in the fall of 1997 to pursue a graphic design degree at Missouri State University. I was a senior when I purchased a four-megapixel point-and-shoot camera and began experimenting. A few years later, I started to notice the incredible advancements in digital cameras and purchased my first Canon SLR. I bought a dozen or so photography books and quickly became obsessed, teaching myself along the way. My years of working as a full-time graphic designer greatly aided in this learning process. I began submitting my work to stock photography agencies where my photos began selling by the thousands and used in marketing campaigns throughout the world. Over the past couple of years, I have won many awards and have placed in multiple photography contests. In 2013, I was accepted among a select group of elite photographers across the globe to have my work licensed exclusively through the first ever co-op stock photography agency called Stocksy United.Since the very beginning of my photography career, my work has always focused on nature. Whether it is lying down in the grass in my backyard using my macro lens to capture the tiniest of insects, or going on long rigorous hikes in the dark and freezing temperatures to capture a magical sunrise, I'm constantly challenging myself to capture the world in a unique and creative way.


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