Missouri A+ Program

Missouri A+ Program

What are the steps for receiving A+ Program Funding?

The A+ Program provides tuition and student fees for qualified students. To qualify, students must meet all requirements established by MDHE,  including minimum grade point average (GPA), attendance, tutoring, and good citizenship standards.

Steps for Receiving A+ at OTC

  1. Be enrolled full-time (12 or more credit hours - fall and/or spring; 6 or more credit hours - summer).
  2. Have your Official High School A+ stamped Transcript on file with Admissions Office at OTC.
  3. Have a current year Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on file with OTC & submit all required documentation to Financial Aid Office if selected for verification.
  4. To complete a FAFSA go to http://www.fafsa.gov;  OTC's Federal School Code is 030830
                Summer 2014 - Requires 2013-2014 FAFSA
                Fall 2014 - Requires 2014-2015 FAFSA
  5. Be seeking a certificate or degree at OTC.
  6. After registration each semester, complete the OTC MyPay MyWay payment plan to defer eligible tuition and fees to financial aid and/or A+.  Students are responsible for items not covered by the program.


How much will A+ pay?

For students NOT eligible for Federal Pell Grant
Items covered by A+ Program
Fall 2014

 Items covered by A+ program

 In-District Rate*
Tier 1
(per credit hour)

 Out-of-District Rate*
Tier 1
(per credit hour)
 Rate of Tuition  $95.00  $142.50
 Common Technology Fee  $6.00  $6.00
 Common Student Fee  $15.00  $15.00
 Total  $116.00  $163.50
 Amount to be paid by A+ for 12 credit hours   ($116 x 12 hours) = $1,392 plus facility fee  ($163.50 x 12 hours) = $1,962 plus facility fee

Federal Pell Grant funds PAY FIRST. A Student cannot receive A+ in addition to a Pell Grant if the Pell Grant pays for all A+ eligible tuition and fees.  This means Pell pays first towards tuition and common fees before paying miscellaneous fees on any other educational expenses such as books.  This could result in an A+ payment being reduced to zero (Example #2).  If Pell grant funds do not cover A+ tuition & common fees (Example #1), then A+ will pay for the remaining amount of your A+ eligible tuition & common fees.   

For students eligible for Federal Pell Grant
Items covered by A+ Program
Fall 2014

    Example #1  Example #2
 Items covered by A+ program  In-District Rate
Tier 1
(per credit hour)

 Out-of-District Rate
Tier 1
(per credit hour)

 Tuition  $95.00/credit hour   $130.00/credit hour
 Common Technology Fee  $6.00/credit hour   $6.00/credit hour
 Common Student Fee  $15.00/credit hour   $13.00/credit hour
  Total   $116.00/credit hour   $149.00/credit hour
 Facility/Infrastructure Fee*    
 Total per credit hour x 12 hours
+ Fall Facility/Infrastructure Fee
+    45

+    45

 Minus Federal Pell Grant Dollars  -$1,000  $2,865
 Amount to be paid by A+ for 12 credit hours  $437 A+ Dollars  $0 A+ Dollars

*Tuition & Fees

If your Federal Pell Grant exceeds the cost of tuition & common fees, your Federal Pell Grant will apply to the remaining balance of charges with the College as determined by the Cashier.  Cashier Services will determine if a credit balance is due and if so, process a refund to your SmartCard.  To view student account balance information, check your QuickPay account in AccessOTC.

Items not covered by the A+ Program:
All other fees not listed above * Books and Supplies * Dropped coursework * Repeat coursework


When will A+ pay?

Eligible A+ students who submit their FAFSA and supporting information (if requested) to the Financial Aid Office prior to the deadline for the semester should be awarded approximately 5 weeks after classes begin.  Students who apply for financial aid after the deadline may still receive assistance, but should anticipate a delay in awards.  Monitor AccessOTC Quikpay activity for payment.

What are the A+ program deadlines?

A+ stamped high school transcript must be received no later than:

FALL                      November 1
SPRING                 April 1 
SUMMER              July 1

A+ students must ensure OTC has received his/her 2013-14 FAFSA and submitted all required documentation no later than:

FALL                     September 30
SPRING                 January 31
SUMMER              June 1


How do I view my A+ award?

To view the financial aid awards, log in to MyOTC>Access Tab>Financial Aid Status by Term.  Initially, the A+ scholarship is posted at an estimated amount.  The amount posted here will not change.  Rather, the amount you see acts as a "ceiling" for the award.  Once you see A+ at an accepted status, your next step is to monitor your QuickPay to view the actual A+ benefit paid.  Historically, A+ applies to eligible student accounts around the end of the fourth or fifth week of the semester.

Once A+ goes to an accepted status, your next step is to monitor your QuickPay to see the actual award amount.  Two things must happen before your A+ can pay:

  1. Full-time attendance must be verified (12 + credit hours-fall / spring; 6 +credit hours-summer.)
    • If you are enrolled in 12 or more credit hours through the end of the 100% tuition refund period, you have met the program's full-time requirement for the term.  If you are enrolled in a second eight week block (B Block) class, attendance in your B Block class must be verified before those credit hours apply towards your full-time requirement. 


Will A+ cover the cost of online classes?

Yes!  The A+ program covers the cost of tuition and common fees for online classes; however, the program does not cover the "course specific" online course fee charged for each online course taken.  Click here for current information pertaining to the online course fee. 

I'm not doing well this semester, will A+ pay next for next semester?

Cumulative grade point average (GPA) calculation
Dual credit/dual enrollment courses (courses taken before high school graduation), developmental courses (courses listed under 100 level), and credits transferred from another college or university, are not calculated into the cumulative GPA.

Use the GPA Calculator to figure different scenarios.  You can enter your current semester grades (or what you think you will receive) and your previous cumulative GPA (found on AccessOTC) to project your New Cumulative GPA.  A+ requires a cumulative 2.5 GPA.

A+ will not pay for dropped coursework
The Missouri Department of Higher Education (MDHE) will not pay for credit hours in which a student is no longer enrolled.  This means any drops or withdrawals prior to the time of A+ payment (to student's account) are not included in the student's A+ award for the term.  
For example:  If a student was enrolled in 12 or more credit hours through the end of the 100% refund period he has met the program's full time requirement for the spring term.    However, if the student drops a class, he (or she) will be responsible for the cost of that course(s).  The question is:  When will he pay. . . now or later?          

  • He pays for the class this semester if he drops before A+ applies to his student account with the College.
  • If he drops after his A+ award has applied to his student account balance, he pays later. Any charges paid by A+ for classes dropped after A+ has been applied to his account with the College will be reduced from his next term's A+ benefits.

Repeated Coursework
A+ will not pay for repeated coursework.  If a student took a class and a final grade was assigned, A+ will not cover the student's cost to retake the class.  The hours related to the repeated course, however, can be included in the full-time enrollment criteria.


Can I receive A+ funding and attend school less than full-time?

Yes; if you meet one of the exceptions below:

  • You are a Bridge program student and enrolled in all available hours you may take at OTC before proceeding with your desired program of study.
    • Six or more hours of enrollment is preferred for A+ payment. (3 in the summer)
    • Once a student is no longer considered a Bridge student - the full time requirement must be met to receive A+ funding.
  • You have a documented disability and an ADA letter on file with the Financial Aid Office from Disability Support Services.
  • You plan to graduate at the end of the semester and have applied for graduation with the Registrar's Office. Email Linda Johns at johnsl@otc.edu is this applies to you.
  • You have been accepted in an Allied Health program and the hours required for a given term are limited to less than full-time enrollment.

Mid-Year High School Graduate / Early Leaver

Mid-year HS graduates a/k/a Early Leavers are required to complete all steps for receiving A+ program funding.  The Missouri Department of Education A+ policy requires a student who is an early leaver to provide the college with a transcript which includes their graduation date.  That date must be prior to the term in which the first A+ eligibility begins.  Official means the transcript has a graduation date

Monitor Your AccessOTC for Emails and Notifications

If your FAFSA application was selected for verification by the Department of Education, you MUST complete the FAFSA verification process.  Check "Financial Aid Notifications" to see if you have been selected for verification.  If so, the items needed to complete your federal financial aid file will be listed. 

A+ program funds will NOT pay until verification is COMPLETE.   For timely processing and payment of financial aid files, please submit all required documentation as soon as possible but no later than 4 weeks after the start of class.

A+ Important Information

A+ Program Details


If OTC receives an inaccurate high school transcript, the student will be liable for costs associated with any semester of enrollment in which A+ payment was applied or anticipated. An example of an inaccurate transcript would be erroneously A+ stamped and/or marked transcript received from the high school.

This information is accurate as of December 2012. The information contained herein is subject to change as per changes in state law, statutes, rules, and/or guidelines.