Important Enrollment Information

Specific Enrollment Types

Dual Enrollment/ Dual Credit
Credits earned while a student is still in high school are not eligible for A+ Program funding. Credits earned before high school graduation are not calculated into the student's cumulative grade point average for post high school A+ Program eligibility.

Concurrent Enrollment
Students may be concurrently enrolled at eligible post secondary institutions and receive A+ Program funding at OTC. The student must meet all A+ Program requirements at OTC to utilize funding. The student must be enrolled full-time at OTC.

Special Needs Students
The number of credit hours required may be adjusted and other accommodations may be made as deemed appropriate by a Disabilities Services counselor at OTC. The student must still maintain the required cumulative grade point average.

Enrollment in Developmental Coursework
Developmental coursework at OTC (courses listed below 100 level) qualifies for A+ Program funding and count toward the total semester enrollment for that student. However, grades attained from these courses are not counted toward the student's cumulative grade point average at OTC. Students must take at least one 100 level or higher course at the same time to establish a grade point average.

Enrollment at Education Centers and Online Courses
Students may enroll at any of Ozarks Technical Community College's educational centers and/or take online courses and be eligible for A+ Program funding. Credit hours and grade point averages from education centers will be used in determining eligibility.