Items covered by A+ Program Funding

Items covered by A+ Program Funding

  • A+ program benefits cover:
            o In-district & out-of-district tuition
            o Common fees:
                 -  Student fee
                 -  Technology fee (not including labs)
                 -  Facility/infrastructure fee per semester 
  • The A+ program requires that Federal Pell Grant funds be applied first towards payment of eligible tuition and fees.  This can result in an A+ payment being reduced to zero.  Example: Items covered by the A+ program minus your Federal Pell Grant Award = A+ Award

If A+ eligible costs remain after Federal Pell Grant funds have been applied to your tuition and general fee charges, those charges will be billed to the A+ program.

Your A+ Benefits will not pay for:

  • Books, supplies, miscellaneous fees, lab fees, or online course fees incurred while you are enrolled. 

  • Dropped coursework. If you drop while receiving A+ funding, your A+ benefits for the next semester will be reduced by the cost of the dropped class.

  • Repeated courses. If you repeat a course to change a grade (F, D, C, B, or A), the repeated course will not be paid for by the A+ program, but the hours will count towards meeting the full-time credit hour requirement.