2012-2013 Academic year

Cost of Attendance for the 2012-13 Award Year

The cost of attendance (COA) is determined by using your FAFSA information along with your residency status.  If you were required to include parental information on the FAFSA, you are considered a dependent student with consideration given based on the living arrangements you designated on your FAFSA.  Otherwise, you are considered an independent student. 
The Financial Aid Office determines the cost of attendance each year.  Costs taken into account for development of the COA includes tuition and fees and the average costs for room and board, books, supplies, transportation, and miscellaneous (personal) expenses. Please keep in mind that the financial aid programs are to supplement other resources the student may have in order to cover all living expenses.  Therefore, the college may award financial aid up to your COA, but even the maximum aid awarded with the COA will not necessarily meet all of a student's other costs during the school year. No allowances will be made for the purchase of an automobile or for other consumer debts, such as personal loans or credit cards. Costs specific to your particular program of study may also be included in your financial aid award.

 Student Classification  Academic year- 9 month Cost of Attendance
  Dependent w/ parents In-district 9725
 Dependent w/ parents Out-of-district 10625
 Dependent w/ parent Out-of-state 11597
 Dependent off-campus In-district  14772
 Dependent off-campus Out-of-district 15672
 Dependent off-campus Out-of-state 16644
 Independent off-campus In-district 14772
 Independent off-campus Out-of-district 15672
 Independent off-campus Out-of-state

Allied Health Programs with Additional Cost for 2012-13

Students enrolled in some Allied Health Programs have considerable additional costs associated with their program.  The amounts shown below are added to the COA for students in the appropriate allied health programs.  

   Certificate  AAS  Dental Hygiene  Physical Therapy Associate
 Additional per semester  999  1162  1868  1241
 2 semester addition  1998  2324  3736  2482

 Certificate Programs include:  AAS Programs include:
 Surgical Technology  Physical Therapy Assistant
 Dental Assisting  Dental Hygiene
 Licensed Practical Nursing  Respiratory Therapy
   Occupational Therapy
   Associate Nursing