Stop Before You Drop

Stop Before You Drop

Communications from the Missouri Department of Higher Education (MDHE) have informed us we are not permitted to request funds for credit hours in which a student is no longer enrolled.  This means any drops or withdrawals prior to the time of A+ payment (to your account) are not included in the student's A+ award for the term.  
For example:  If a student was enrolled in 12 or more credit hours through the end of the 100% refund period, he/she has met the program's full time requirement for the term.  However, if the student drops a class, he/she will be responsible for the cost of that course(s). 

The question is:  When will the student pay for the course . . . now or later?  

  • If he/she drops before A+ applies to the student's account with the College, the student pays this semester.  
  • If he/she drops after the A+ award has applied to the student's account balance, he/she pays later. Any charges paid by A+ for classes dropped after A+ has been applied to his/her account with the College will be reduced from the next term's A+ benefit.

Situation: John dropped a 3 credit hour math class last semester after A+ had paid.
Result:  Johnís next A+ award must be reduced by the dollar amount A+ paid for the class he dropped.
Example: John enrolled in 16 credit hours this semester making his potential award as an in-district student to be estimated at $1,776.  However, this award will be reduced by $333 to pay A+ back for the dropped class.  This resulted in an actual A+ payment of $1,443 ($1,776 - $333 = $1,443).  

 Items covered by A+ Program:
 Tuition    $92.00/credit hour
 Common student fee $13.00/credit hour      
 Common technology fee  $6.00/credit hour
 Total   $111.00/credit hour
 Example:   $111 x 16 credit hours = $1,776
 Less drop  $111 x 3 credit hours     - $333


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