Missouri A+ Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs -Missouri A+

How many semesters can I use the A+ Program?

Student eligibility for A+ funding will expire at the earliest of the following:

  • 48 months after High School graduation
  • Receipt of an Associate's Degree
  • When a student completes 105% of the credit hours required for his/her certificate or degree. 

The 105% calculation will not include: Credit hours earned before high school graduation.

A+ funding will cover 100% of the courses required of a certificate or associate's degree program that a student chooses, and possibly one additional course.  However, if the student is required to take remedial math, English and/or reading courses then he or she may use the entire A+ funding before completion of the certificate or degree program. 

105% Example:  If an associate's degree requires 62 credit hours then 105%= 65 credit hours.  (Therefore, once the student completes 65 hours, they will no longer be eligible for A+ funding.)

I have transfer credits from HS or another institution; do those hours count toward the 105% rule?

Credit hours earned while in high school do not count toward the 105% rule.

Credit hours transferred from other institutions earned after high school do count toward the 105% rule.

I failed a course before the rule took effect. Will A+ pay for this course after the rule applies?

No.  In a previous term, you took a class and a final grade was assigned, and you enroll in the same class or its equivalent in a future term, A+ payment is not allowed towards that class.  The good news is, the hours related to this class can be included in the full time enrollment criteria required by the A+ program.

FAQs - I've lost my A+, now what?

If I lose my A+, can I get it back?

Yes, if your cumulative GPA is 2.50 in all college level courses taken after high school graduation and your completion ratio is 67% or above, your A+ will be reinstated automatically; that is as long as your A+ eligibility has not expired.  Note: A+ does not pay for courses taken while you are working on reinstatement. 

How soon can I get my A+ back?

You must also have a 67% completion ratio.  If this requirment is met, you may get your A+ back the following semester after your cumulative grade point average reaches 2.50 or higher. 

How does it work if I get my GPA back up to 2.50?

You will receive an email at the end of every semester that tells you your A+ eligibility for the next semester of enrollment. 

Do I have to pay my A+ back for last semester?

No.  If you were eligible for A+ last semester, A+ will not ask for that money back.

However, the number of credit hours dropped in a term will be deducted from a student's eligibility for the next term of enrollment. Students will be responsible for any costs not funded by the A+ Program.

Example: A student enrolls in 12 hours, drops 3, and completes a total of 9. A+ will pay for 12 hours but will deduct 3 hours from eligibility for the next term of enrollment. In the next term of enrollment, the student enrolls in 12 hours to meet the full time requirement - A+ will pay for 9 hours and the student will be responsible for the cost of 3 hours.

How was my GPA calculated?

Dual credit/ dual enrollment courses (courses taken before high school graduation), developmental courses (courses listed under 100 level), and credits transferred from another college or university, are not calculated into the cumulative GPA.