Student Loan Exit Counseling

Student Loan Exit Counseling

All student loan borrowers are required by the Department of Education to complete Student Loan Exit Counseling if you are no longer enrolled at OTC at least half time.  You need to complete Student Loan Exit Counseling even if you graduate, plan to re-enroll at OTC in the future or transfer to another college. Exit counseling provides information regarding the rights and responsibilities of the student. 

It is important for students who have borrowed student loans to know what to do if you have problems making the loan payments and what will happen if payments are not made on the student loans.  Also, understanding the payment options, interest rates and other terms of the student loans will allow you to maintain your loans in good standing for future credit purposes.

The Student Loan Exit Counseling process is online via the National Student Loan Data System for Students at  As a student loan borrower, you should become familiar with the National Student Loan Data System website.  This site will provide a complete history for federal financial aid you received as well as your current loan status.  Additionally, you will find contact information for your loan servicer(s), who you should contact with questions about your status or possible repayment options.

Complete student loan exit counseling as follows:

  1. Complete loan exit counseling online with the National Student Loan Data System.  Your FAFSA PIN is required to login.

  2. Once we receive confirmation of your completed exit counseling, your file will be updated accordingly.