OTC Foundation Scholarships

All Spring applications are due November 1st, 2014.

OTC Foundation Scholarships

Thanks to donations made by many generous families and organizations, the OTC Foundation is able to offer several types of scholarships to students. Many of these scholarships afford students who might not otherwise be able to attend college the opportunity to achieve their goals. Each scholarship is unique and students must meet the criteria defined by the specific donor of the scholarship. All students must complete a FAFSA. For questions about your FAFSA, visit Financial Aid.

Scholarship Applications DUE DATES

  • Summer - May 10th
  • Fall - June 1st
  • Spring - November 1st

Scholarship Recipients

If selected to receive a scholarship, you will be notified four to six weeks after the scholarship deadline via your OTC email. The College reserves the right to notify donors of the names of recipients. An OTC Foundation Scholarship is contingent upon the recipient meeting the requirements as outlined in his/her scholarship agreement. This includes attendance at the annual Donor Reception held each April and submission of a thank you note to the donor. Failure to meet any of the requirements, will result in forfeiture of the recipient's scholarship.

Following registration for classes, it is recommended that you sign up for My Payment Plan. This plan allows you to defer tuition and fees to any financial aid you may be eligible for. To complete My Payment Plan, log into your myOTC account

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