Excellence in Education

Excellence in Education

The Excellence in Education award was created in 1992 to recognize quality individuals throughout the institution. Excellence in Education candidates are nominated by staff members, selected by a college-wide Recognition Committee, and recognized at the annual College Development Day. Each winner receives a plaque and a cash award from the OTC Foundation. These awards are funded each year by the Turner Family Foundation. OTC has conferred 88 Excellence in Education Awards since the program began in 1992.

Excellence in Education Nomination Form

Excellence in Education Past Recipients

Full Time Instructor - Debbie Thompson
Adjunct Instructor - Fran Giglio
Administrative - Joyce Bateman (Thomas)
Professional Support Staff - Cindy Tuttle
General Institutional Support Staff - Jennifer Hartman

Full Time Instructors - Janet Sell and Daniel Kopsas
Adjunct Instructor - Thomas McCune
Administrative - Jacob Lewellen
Professional Support Staff - Becky Dalton
General Institutional Support Staff - Lawrence Lininger

Full Time Instructor - David Aderhold
Adjunct Instructor - Crystal Hofegartner
Administrative- Stephanie Brown
Professional Support Staff - Vanda Chism
General Institutional Support Staff - Patrick Iver

Full Time Instructor - Cindy Hinds
Adjunct Instructor - Dianne Juby
Administrative- Randy Humphrey
Professional Support Staff - Norma Hedgpeth
General Institutional Support Staff - Eric Ogan

Full Time Instructor - Barrie Talbott
Adjunct Instructor - Lyndsey Fronterhouse
Administrative- Kristina Bridges-Templeton
Professional Support Staff - Debbie Carlstrom
General Institutional Support Staff - Jason Ayer

Full Time Instructor - John Fishback
Adjunct Instructor - Sharmane Arnold
Administrative- Witt Salley
Professional Support Staff - Marcia Wheeler
General Institutional Support Staff - Jason Bound
Full Time Instructor - Jennifer Flinn
Adjunct Instructor - Martha Crise
Administrative- Justin Pedigo
Professional Support Staff - Diana Penrose
General Institutional Support Staff - Gene Hogue

Full Time Instructor - Judi Brake
Adjunct Instructor - Rebecca Oleson
Administrative - Ellen Newby-Hines
Professional Support Staff - Randy Brock
General Institutional Support Staff - Chris Delp

Full Time Instructor - Nancy Dalton
Adjunct Instructor - Todd Daniel
Administrative- Corky McCormack
Professional Support Staff - Brenda Woods
General Institutional Support Staff - Billy Robinson

Full Time Instructor - Bruce Clemens
Adjunct Instructor - Joseph Allen Freeman
Administrative- Randy Phinney
Professional Support Staff - Linda Kutz
General Institutional Support Staff - Phillip Duncan

Full Time Instructor - Marylynn Abbott
Adjunct Instructor - Lori Feyh
Administrative- John Gresham
Professional Support Staff - Doris Huitt
General Institutional Support Staff - Bernard Watts

Full Time Instructor - Gary Lee
Adjunct Instructor - Rick Black
Administrative- Julie Edwards
Professional Support Staff - Cozy Joplin
General Institutional Support Staff - Don Williams
Full Time Instructor - Jimmie Van Alphen
Administrative- Linda Ramsey
Professional Support Staff - Becky Robinson
General Institutional Support Staff - Alice Jefferson

Full Time Instructor - Susan Kirk
Adjunct Instructor - Kathleen Murnan
Administrative- Karla Gregg
General Institutional Support Staff - Donita DePreste

Full Time Instructor - John Hess, John Sunny
Adjunct Instructor - Dane Galloway
Administrative - Bruce Renner
Professional Support Staff - Glynette Hubach

Full Time Instructor - Vicki Hopper, Ken Conaway
Administrative - Mike Madden
Professional Support Staff - Carole Atkins

Full Time Instructor - Rosa Kavanaugh
Adjunct Instructor - Judy Brake
Administrative - Frank Shepard
Professional Support Staff- Pat Long

Full Time Instructor - Bera Nichols, Julie Ruengert
Adjunct Instructor - Gene Buyan
Administrative - Jim Orr, Carol Curtis
Professional Support Staff - Susie Doran, Reta Bruffey

Full Time Instructor - Judy Bradley, Shirley Nehrbass
Adjunct Instructor - Daphne Press
Administrative - Jeff Jochems
Professional Support Staff - Jim Matthews
Full Time Instructor - Joel LaReau, Carl Locke
Adjunct Instructor - Mike Scroggins
Administrative - Steve Arnold
Professional Support Staff - Hazel Case

Full Time Instructor - Marianne Crocker; Greg McDowell
Adjunct Instructor - Amauro Obregon
Professional Support Staff - Becky Noel

Full Time Instructor - Pat Boyd